Why Walk With Me?

One of my walks around the so-called First Republic Villas at Prague’s Bubeneč neighbourhood. We had a wonderful day together. Photo: MZ

My walks are long, up to 7 hours. But as this is no classical “tour”, we have breaks here and there, the other coffee, maybe lunch break, photo stops. I’ve had guests from 7 to 77 years of age, and everybody was delighted. What I try to give you is simply the full context: I can’t talk about details if you don’t have the entire picture.

This is an offer for people who’d like to see more of this city than castle, Charles Bridge and beer pubs (without diminishing the value of these sights), and in particular for those who know Prague already and would like to come here again. What I’m offering you is NOT classical sightseeing – it’s rather deep diving into the city’s history and present. The items you find in this blog are just suggestions – there are no fixed itineraries. We might stop in front of a picture in the National Gallery and discuss on what twisted and difficult ways this work of art got there, with a glance on the historical and political background, who the painter was and why he or she painted just that picture. On another tour we might bump into a 1920ies concert hall in a former workers’ district and listen to brand new Electroswing… You will be surprised…

Everything has its origin somewhere, its background, each personality we highlight in history had her or his motives. Things did not and do not just happen. In my research I always try to find motives, triggers, reasons.

You will be surprised how lively history can be. And how much of 1000 years of history is still to be seen in Prague – and basically all over the country.

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