One of my favourite spots in Prague’s downtown: A little hotel with a fabulous terrace garden, where I’d like to have a cup of coffee with you. Photo GK

ARCO Academy is a bit like SlowFood – take your time, travel, learn, and enjoy. We have everything you need:

  • A series of themed walks, ranging from a comprehensive overview of Prague’s 1000 year old history (7 hours! People love it!) to titles like “Prague for Railway Lovers”, “Prague’s Industrial Past”, “From Village To Village”, “Paris-Prague from 1848 till 1938”, “The Italians in Prague”, on theatre, dance, film&photo, architecture or names like “Ringhoffer”, “Caruso”, “Barrandov”, “Porsche” and a lot more.
  • A series of lectures on Prague’s history&culture. The author of this blog ( me :-)) is a freelance historian, certified tour guide and writer. I have compiled a wide range of detailed insights into historical events and developments that I will be delighted to present you.
  • On top of all that, we’re publishing books, articles and blog posts on precisely such issues.
  • And: Ask us whatever you’re interested in. If we happen not to know the answer, we know where to look it up.

What do you need? The readiness to absorb the spirit of this city. The fast hop-on hop-off is better done by others.

Book us, travel, and enjoy!

Contact us: kulturcafeprag (here is that little spiral) gmail.com

The background picture is an ad for the famous puppet family Spejbl&Hurvínek, on stage since 1930, on a wall close to their theatre. Photo: GK
The header picture shows Charles Bridge and the Old Town riverfront by night. Photo: Peter Neubert

(Editor’s remark: These pages need updates. I am working on it. Last changes: September 2020.)

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  1. Hi,
    reply to your flickr question.

    Thanks for asking, it’s OK to use that “Saturninova misa” in your Prague blog with with source and link.

    And would be nice to visit again in Prague, so far 1991, 1996 and then when captured that image about 10 years ago.

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